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The travel & tourism industry includes businesses and government agencies that services travelers.

In 2004, overall spending by domestics and international visitors in the united state incensed more than the 4 percent to $568 billion.


Online Travel Agency Tourism Business

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Welcome to the wonderful world of tourism.

We hope that you find this publication useful this article will provide you with useful information to help you in your efforts to set up a travel & tourism business.

One of the most important features of this article, is that it provides information on all the initiatives available to help you with setting up a new tourism business or growing an existing one.

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The tourism industry has come a long way in India and in the present economic scenario a major amount of income comes from the travel and tourism industry.

The internet has changed the world a lot and hence there are so many businesses which can be run online.

Online Travel Agency business model is relatively different than compared with other travel business.

In business to customer model, clients can also search and book the tickets and packages on the online reservation system.


Starting Your Own Business

Start A Travel Business

If you want to start your own small business in the travel & tourism sector in India.

There are many websites providing free advice and information to help you create your own tourism job opportunity.

Therefore many travel & tourism businesses are small private companies.

In fact, very small businesses with no more than four employees dominate the sector.

These businesses started with an idea before they came to life with research and hard work.

If you have an idea for a tourism business, have a look at the many sources of information available to you.

The Government of India website provides useful information for launching a business in India.

It combines start-up information from the provincial and territorial governments, the community and many other sources.

The Information is organized by topics such as market research, financing, taxation and business planning.

This website also provides links to provincial and territorial forms for registering your business.


Tips to Start up a Successful Travel & Tourism Business

Business and marketing plan –

Marketing Plan

It’s very easy not to have a plan because it’s probably all in your head, but putting it all on to paper will help you to clarify your positioning, goals and direction to make it all happen.


Know your target market –

target market1

This is the essence of your entire marketing strategy, if you know who you want to target then you can build products, services and a marketing plan to suit them.


Know your costs –rahp costs


Define your operating costs clearly and know what you need to earn each week, month and year to break even.  If you are slipping on your targets then you can alter your marketing efforts to suit.


Love your country –

love india

If your fervor and passion for your own country can be passed on to your customers, even in a small way.

Then you will have succeeded in inspiring them and they will tell others.


Have a professional online presence –

social media

Having a basic and cheap website is not enough to stand out.

Travelers do a significant amount of research online before they book so make sure your website reflects the nature of your brand and what you offer.

Great photos are always worth the investment.


Build relationships –

Velasco Building relationships

The tourism industry in India provides regular opportunities for networking with others, whether it’s local, national or international.

Building and managing relationships with tourism partners, associations, suppliers and groups can help grow your profile and your business opportunities.


Thank you for read this article…..we look forward to more innovation from my travel & tourism business.

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