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3 Quick and Easy Ways to Generate Story Ideas

There are many ways you can generate story ideas you can use for your stories are stated below:

First of all take inspiration from existing stories. Good writers are good readers, so read widely.

Not only you see the examples of good writing or their styles but also you find the creative story ideas.

In addition always read newspapers, news magazines and explore news websites on regular basis. Because news events will always give you stream of writing ideas.

Watch movies and TV shows whenever you are writing for a popular audience. Take the topic of a similar genre which is popular in movies and TV shows.

In addition, listening music is very necessary because musicians take the ideas for their song from day to day experience.

Ask yourselfWhat If”.

Remember an event happened with you or with your friend or someone from your family, and imagine how your life would have been if the circumstances were different in which the event happened.

Go somewhere in public such as shopping mall and just observe people coming and going.

And imagine about them just by looking.

And ask yourself, what are they doing? Do they enjoy shopping or they hate it? Do they have a family? Where do they come from? You will get the story ideas from it.

Spend time with other writers, log your experiences. Bestsellers


 I’m going to explain the three ways given below:

Put Your all Senses to Work for story ideas


A simple but effective way to generate fresh story ideas from a single concept, or object is to describe or illustrate it using the 5 senses — sight, smell, touch, taste, sound.

For you to do: Generate 5 specific images or concrete examples (one example for each sense) for the following:

  • anger (what’s the smell of anger? how does it taste? how does it sound? what does it look like? how does it feel?)
  • joy
  • sorrow


Take Advantage of Your Conflicts for story ideas

Conflict is a part of life. It’s also a source of creativity.

You only need to look at yourself and examine your experiences to come up with story topics based on conflicts.

Because it tells you to how to come up with story ideas.

For you to do: What’s stopping you from doing something? Who is in the way of you getting what you want? What’s stopping you from taking a career leap?

Brainstorm for conflicts in your life and come up with at least 15 story plot ideas in your list.

It’s OK to Call People Names

call people with nicknameGenerate nicknames or terms that capture the lifestyles, attitudes or characteristics of certain groups of people.

For example, the nicknames I came up with the kind of people I encountered on the bus when I used to commute to work and back were: space-hog, slumper, fidgeter and refined.

The terms described how the people on the bus behaved as they sat. They were useful because I was able to avoid the space-hogs and the fidgeters when choosing a seat. Sitting beside a slumper was all right since most slumpers kept their slumps within their space.

For you to do: Generate nicknames or terms for the following groups of people:


  • cashiers
  • waiters
  • teachers
  • employees
  • actors


I hope you’ll begin using these 3 simple ways of generating story ideas today. It will give you an idea about how to come up with a story line. Before long, you’ll be churning out one idea after another with ease. That’s creativity at work!


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