Improve Profitability Database Marketing

Database Marketing is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to add profits to the bottom line. In which it uses information collected at the point-of-sale.

Since as I paid for my item the retail clerk asked me for my name, address, telephone number, and more.

Although I felt a twinge of discomfort giving out my personal information. I went ahead and gave it to him and went on my way.

So I had just given Radio Shack three ways to contact me, not to mention, information on what I had purchased.

In the hands of a skilled marketer, this information is powerful Database Marketing.

Since the recent economic slowdown has brought increased competition to small businesses.

And with that, retailers across North America have described their sales as “flat”.

Small businesses should be looking for low cost, high impact Database Marketing activities to drive prospects to their business.

For Database Marketing using personal data, purchasing data, contact information from a customer database.

A spa and pool retailer can make offers to customers for complimentary products and services and engage in loyalty marketing activities.


Database Marketing has four key elements


Database Marketing

(1) Gathering customer data,

(2) Building a customer database,

(3) Creating targeted offers for specific customer groups,

(4) Tracking results to improve responses.


  • Step 1: Gather customer data. 


Database Marketing


Since the easiest way to begin this process is to develop a simple form for customers and salespeople to fill out every time a customer purchases a product or service.

Hence, include personal information such as Profile Data, Activity Data, Business Data, and Support Data, and product information. Such as manufacturer, make, and model.


  • Step 2: Building a customer database

Database Marketing

For building customer database these steps are follows

Start simple Database Marketing using off-the-shelf software such as Microsoft Access.

Later on you can begin to modify the Database Marketing to either include different types of information.


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  • Step 3: Start sending offers and personal messages to your customers.

 Database Marketing

Don’t wait until you have a large mail list.  Take advantage of special offers.

Since there is an old saying that goes, “Business goes where business is invite. It stays where it is appreciate”.

A personalized invitation to drop by the store to take advantage of a specific incentive.

It is sometimes all that is need to keep your customers coming back into the store.

Since instituting a program of personal, hand-signed notes that coincide with birthdays or special events addressed to the customer’s.

Significantly other that offer gift ideas, can have surprising results.

  • Step 4: Track the results of your database marketing efforts.

 Since by knowing who you sent offers to and who responded.

Which will help you identify your best customers.

Many of your customers have lower back problems. Since it allow you to more effectively allocate your marketing dollars.

It helps you tweak your marketing pieces to get higher response rates.

What Information Do I Collect? So it’s important to determine in advance the type of information to collect.

Therefore, make a list of common special offers.

You might be presenting to your customer.

You could joint venture with other businesses to develop special promotions on products that help to relieve lower back pain.

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