5 Steps to a Great Rental Car Experience

The use of rental car cannot be avoided in one’s life. When someone plows into you at an intersection, when you are taking a 2-day trip and your compact car just does not have enough room to stretch out, these are times when you are happy that there are rental cars at your disposal.

 Steps to A Great Rental Car Experience

Before you book a rental car, you should know some things about the process.

  1. The first step involved in obtaining a rental car is to do research on the companies in your local area.


There are a number of nationwide companies and more than likely local companies to choose from when conducting your research.

Try to narrow them down to three or four companies that are closest to either your pick up location or your destination.

  1. You will ask about the procedures required by the rental car company.


Many companies require that the car is fueled up before its return, if this is not done, they will charge you extra for it.


It may also be in your best interest to ask what the fee would be if the rental car is needed for longer than expected as well as what the rate is for late drop-off.

Fueled up car before its return


  1. If you have personal auto insurance call your agent to see if you are insured with a rental car as well.

This will allow you to save money by turning down the insurance offered by the rental company at the time of vehicle pick up.

  1. Finally, you have chosen the rental company and the rental car; it’s time to pick it up.


Make sure that you have the paperwork that you will need.


Most companies will require you to show your driver’s license, be sure to have it.


Also, your proof of auto insurance, if you will be turning their insurance down.


Rental car -pick- up

  1. Be sure to read the contract and ask questions about anything that you do not understand.


It’s better to take some time at the counter or on the phone to pin down the details than to think you got it and have to deal with the car rental company in the event of an accident.

Different Types of Rental Cars:

1) Commercial Rentals:

These can range from high-end luxury vehicles designed to make an impression to refrigerated trucks or moving vans.

2)   Passenger Vehicles:

Most rental cars seat up to five passengers, but there are times when drivers need more seating.

Rental companies that carry larger passenger cars, SUVs and vans often cater to businesses and special events.

3)   Business Rentals:

Business rental programs typically offer discounts based on the number of rental days purchased each year.

These programs may also include special rates for multiple cars rented on a single reservation.


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